The topics

Section A

Title: The 66 Experience

Topic: Historic Route 66 infotainment.

Group 1: The Mother Road
Group 2: Historic and interesting buildings
Group 3: Nature & Wildlife
Group 4: Transportation

After brainstorming in the Netherlands of what a possible subject for our show could be, the answer was quite clear. Route 66. The massive road that’s directed from Los Angeles all the way to Chicago brings along quite some history. It’s the longest road in the US and has since its development brought a wave of cultural and sentimental sightseeing.

For our live show, we divided Route 66 in several segments. The goal was to show the viewer what the route is like and how people experience it. Therefore we developed and created four packages: Nature, Transportation, Buildings and a special road trip on Route 66. Accompanied with the help of student workers and teachers we made sure to get the best quality possible. The production process is monitored and controlled to ensure that no mistake is made. Not only do they help us the best way they can, they are also there to hang out and befriend you.
“The 66 Experience” takes place on route 66 in Arizona. Small and larger towns are visited to portray that unique route 66 feeling. Williams, Winslow,

Flagstaff and Holbrook all show the classic American vibe. The beautiful scenery around the mother road of American adds to the experience. Are you ready for the experience?
Make sure to watch the live show on 6th of June.

Fun fact: The show is aired on the 6th of the 6th, so 66. Purely coincidental.

Section B

Title: Cross it off! (Bucket list)

Topic: Having fun in life.

B1: Helicopter tour (Red rocks)
B2: Glass blowing art (downtown Flagstaff)
B3: Bearizona (Williams)
B4: Wrestling (Williams)

For our show we would like to create a bucket list, with the green screen, and cross some items on this list. This will happen during the show, after the package has been shown.
We would like to create an informative, but entertaining show which gives a good vide, and what might inspire the viewers to create their own bucket list.

After choosing our overall theme, we let every subgroup decide what they would like to film. Because of this every group does something that they enjoy, and what might even be on their real bucket list. We chose to have a show with a lot of different subjects, so no package will match the other. We are planning to create the live show in such way, that this will connect the different packages.

During our shooting days we had a student worker with us who drove us to our location, and offered us help. The student workers that helped us were:
Gus, Matt, Mayson, Matias, Holly, and Gavin. Even lecturers were willing to help us who were Chris and Brandon.
The university arranged lunch for during the day.

We all had free access to our locations, which saved us a lot of money!
Some facts about our shooting days:

The helicopter tour was filmed with several cameras. Even a go-pro was attached at the bottom of the helicopter.
The talent (Mark) was injured during wrestling. Luckily, everything turned out to be fine.
During the glass blowing art workshop, they got to make their own artwork, and took that home as a souvenir.
At Bearizona the talent (Hilde) was allowed to hold an owl for shooting.

Section C

Topic: What makes Flagstaff special

Title: Ticket to… Flagstaff

Subject per group:
C1: Sightseeing
C2: Experiences
C3: Arts and culture
C4: Food and drinks

The student workers were available to help us with all of our questions. By filling in a form we could request for a student worker to accompany us on a shoot and drive us to the location. The cafeteria arranged lunch as they provided lunch packets to take with us on the shoot.

Group C1
Meteor crater & Lowell observatory. The meteor crater in Flagstaff is the first proven and best preserved meteor crater in the world. It as been used for mining, NASA trainings and several movies. Now it is open for public. In Lowell, there are several telescopes that look at our universe. Pluto is discovered there and they also found out there that the universe is expanding. One of the telescopes at Lowell was part of the LONEOS program, which was a worldwide network that searched of possible meteor crashes on earth.

Group C2
Scenic Skyride – a chairlift, which takes you up to 11.500 feet atop of an extinct volcano. You can see over 70 miles up to the Grand Canyon. We speak to a ranger at the top of the mountain who informs us about the mountains history and more.
Flagstaff extreme adventure course is an elevated tree obstacle course in the Ponderosa Pines up to 60 feet high. Some of the features of course include suspended bridges, swings, slides, nets, zip lines and even an aerial surfboard.

Group C3
The package ‘Arts & Culture’ shows you all the special places in Flagstaff. We will show you a photo gallery that honors Sue Bennett (a photographer who influenced a lot of building in Flagstaff). We also show you a candle shop, Armadilla Wax Works, which creates art pieces of candles. You can also dye your own candles there. Another gallery that we’re going to show is the West of the Moon gallery. It has artwork of 60 different artists. The last thing is the guitar shop, Custom Sound Instruments. It has some special guitars in the shop, but they also make their own instruments.

Group C4
Our focus is on coffee shops in Flagstaff and what you can get to drink here. We went to the coffee shop Late for the Train and Macy’s. We found information about the history of the coffee shop, what their clients are like, what kind of special coffee they sell and if the also sell food or not.


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