The program

The exchange

For the PR6 Media Production course, two groups are going on a three-week exchange to the Northern Arizona University (NAU) to produce and execute a real live television show. We are the first group which contains 45 students from the Dutch University for Applied Sciences (NHTV).

The purpose of this exchange is to gain more knowledge about the production industry, and to get comfortable in this environment. To reach this goal, we will produce a live show, and several pre-recorded items. The segments will eventually fill 20 minutes of live television. As we are all as excited, and want to create amazing content, we are working very hard every day to learn. At the NAU here in Arizona, we are now following a hand full of classes focussed on these productional topics. The lessons covers subjects as writing, shooting and editing, and studio sessions. These lessons prepare us both for our pre-recorded items, but above all, for our live show!

Our work will be graded on several aspects, and 12 study credits are to be reveived when passed. These credits are mandatory for being able to go on internship, so we cannot really see this as a lazy holiday!

The classes

Three main classes are given:
– Writing class
– Shooting & Editing class
– Studio Sessions

During the writing lessons, we are practicing to write good, professional and audience- focused content. This is most important, since a good story is a essential! We learn this by writing voice-overs, stories that visit with the audience and stories with strong narratives from our NAU lecturer, Dr. Dale Hoskins.

Another interesting and exciting lesson is the shooting and editing lessons. Here we learn how to prepare our pre-recorded items. Our lecturer, Robert (Bob) Reynolds, is giving us much and worthy feedback on our items, and shows us how to work best with all the equipment.

We prepare the live show during our studio lessons, the most practical class of all three. This lesson teaches us the different tasks of the studio personnel. A good example of a role in the studio is the director, who is in charge of managing the live show, or the floor manager, who gives directions on the set. This lesson is given by Brandon Neuman, who also teached at the NHTV a couple of years ago.

We would love to share some more with you, but to fully understand our work-process and developments, you have to see for yourself. To give you a good impression of this, check out the backstage footage!


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