The exchange

Welcome, welcome! Thanks for visiting our page! We are 45 students of NHTV, and we write to this page, from what probably is the most exciting three-week exchange program in the entire world, OH YEAH!

NHTV University of Applied Sciences, is a University located in Breda, a city in the south of the Netherlands. The University offers courses on several fields such as Tourism, Urban Design, International Game & Design and Traffic and Infrastructural Design. The last course they offer is the one we study, International Media & Entertainment Management. As second year students, we were offered this exchange to Flagstaff, United States of America, where we will follow several classes to learn more about certain media and entertainment topics. To narrow this down, we can say that for the upcoming weeks, we are official students at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona.


Northern Arizona University is a great university offering more than 100 diffirent degrees and majors. Students from over 73 countries world wide, without even including all 50 U.S. study at the university. In total, over 20,000 study at the University. It is an open, innovative and ofcourse pro-active learning environment.

Who are we?

Of course, when creating a community, we should get to know each other better. Let’s introduce ourselves! However firstly, we would like to introduce you to some of your own, some that you might already know! We are grateful to NAU student workers Mayson Agnew, Holly Switay, Tresa Tudrick, Gus Margiotta, Matt Brewer, Gavin Scott, Matias Tautimes and Alex that are helping us in every kind of way for the three weeks we are in Arizona!

Also we would like to thank our both Dutch and American teachers:
Anita Maessen, Stephen Paine, Chriss van Dorsselaer, Paul Helford, Brandon Neumann, Dr. Dale Hoskins, Robert (Bob) Reynolds, Charlie Hicks.

We are:
Didi de Hooge, Nathalie van Erp, Katrien van Engeland, Pim Ottenheim, Mark Penson, Stijn Jasper, Devin de Koff, Wouter van der Kwaak, Eline Schroer, Jazz de Koene, Tineke Verbraeken, Lotte de Wijs, Vivian Sandee, Sofie van Son, Jorike Verlaan, Tanja Smulders, Boris de Graaf, Pieter van der Horst, Thomas Stoffer, Kim Frieseman, Menno Mulders, Hilde Theenaart, Hannah Syrett, Marloes van den Bersselaar, Flleur van Dinteren, Tim van Leeuwerden, Lotte van Hulst, Ho-Wing Pang, Ennia Wingens, Rebecca Brouwer, Max Poncin, Sofie Ronduite, Malou van Rooij, Lindstay Riley, Tom Roberto, Sabine Kersten, Christy-Anne Kieskamp, Felix Dijkmeijer and Eric Fuchs.

Welcome to our site, welcome to your insight!

Menno Snel – Head of Marketing Department
Aislinn Sletterink – Online Marketing Coördinator
Hilde Theenaart – Creative lead
Yorrick Verweij – Project Quality Control


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