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Meteor Crater – the first proven and best preserved meteor crater in the world

About 50,000 years ago a meteor hit earth. No, I’m not talking about the one that wiped out the amazing dinosaurs that once lived on our planet, but the impact was quite high anyway. It hit earth near Flagstaff, the place we are in at this moment. If it would hit Flagstaff now, the impact would be big enough to blow the entire town away.

You can imagine that a 50 meter wide meteor travelling at 20 kilometers per second has a big impact, but the fact that the impact was as big as 20 million tons of TNT exploding is literally mind-blowing. A huge 1,2 kilometers wide, 184 meter deep crater is what is still visible from this impact.

In 1903 mining engineer Daniel M. Barringer concluded that the crater was the result of the impact of a nickel-iron meteorite. He bought the land in the crater and started mining in the crater in 1929. However, quite soon the drill bit got permanently stuck and the drilling cable broke. The mining holes and equipment are still visible in the centre of the crater.

In 1960 Eugene Merle Shoemaker did further research in the crater and confirmed the theory of Barringer. Many rare combinations of minerals and other materials were found inside the crater, which can only be formed by a meteor crash. This discovery is considered the first definite proof of an extraterrestrial impact on the earth’s surface.

Fun facts:
– In the 1960’s NASA trained inside the crater to prepare for the Apollo missions to the moon.
– On August 8, 1964, a pair of commercial pilots in a Cessna 150 flew low over the crater. After crossing the rim, they could not maintain level flight. The pilot attempted to build up speed by circling in the crater to climb over the rim. During the attempted climb out, the aircraft stalled, crashed, and caught fire. It is commonly reported that the plane ran out of fuel, but this is incorrect. Both occupants were severely injured but survived their ordeal. A small portion of the wreckage not removed from the crash site remains visible to this day. Okay, this is not a fun fact, but it’s interesting!
– Many documentaries and movies were shot at the meteor crater, like Starman with Jeff Bridges, and Damnation Alley by jack Smight.


Want to see and learn more about the Meteor Crater? Make sure to watch the liveshows!

By Aislinn Sletterink

Roadtrippin’ – From East to West Arizona

The real American dream! Driving through the States in your van, stacked with food, drinks, music and your best friends. No rules to follow, just the road. With 2,448 miles, Route 66 is one of the longest highways in the United States. From the East to the West, Route 66 connects Chicago with Los Angeles and passes 8 United States.

For the past couple of years, roadtripping has been an upcoming way of going on holiday for the younger generations. All around the world miles and miles paved road lay await, waiting to be driven. It’s an adventure, discovering the unknown ahead.

1925 building Route 66 was started, and two years later, in 1927, it was already finished. The route served as a main route to the West for migrating Americans and become know for its authentic culture and sense for freedom. Nowadays, the route is being called Historic Route 66, and all around the U.S. signs are put up to establish the Route as a state monument. Lots of small towns such as Williams, Seligman and Oatman still lie along this very original road and actually, live of the road. Califia Lanmore, owner of the Roadkill café along Route 66 says that the road keeps her and her 50 employees housed, fed and payed.

The road shows real America, and the most authentic part of the Route runs straight through peaceful Arizona, bikers, truckers and other drivers ride the charming route from East to West and the other way around. Multiple highlights like Sedona Slide Rocks, The Grand Canyon and the Golden Fields lie on or around the road. The road and its surroundings are simple said breathtaking.

Historical Route 66 Increasingly Threatened By Development

If you are curious about riding this road together with us, stay tuned, and make sure you are ready when the show airs!

By Menno Snel

Bucket list – Cross it off

A bucket list: a list full of things to do before you die. Many have made such a list, which contains the wildest ideas and dreams. Some might have on their bucket list that they would love to go skydiving, others may have a more simple item like overcome their fear of spiders. Whatever it is, every persons bucket list is unique and says something about the character of that person. For our show we made our own bucket list, and tried to match it with our personalities.

So for our bucket list we haven’t took the wildest things that came into our minds. We took items from which we knew it would be special to do here in Arizona. We can overcome our fear for spiders everywhere. However, we cannot take a helicopter flight over the Red Rocks in the Netherlands. This makes our bucket list unique, and fits the surroundings as much as our dreams.

If you don’t have a bucket list yet, we would suggest you make one. What is wrong about being a little advantageous? Or simply be brave by finally tell the love of your life how you feel? You can only regret the things you haven’t done in life, all the others were just great experiences from which you learned.

But how do you make a bucket list? Well, that can vary per person. You can be as creative as you want. We can only give you one rule for making a bucket list:
There are not limits!

By Hilde Theenaart


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