The live show!

Dear followers!

Thanks for all watching and following our great experience in Flagstaff America! It has been a great experience and the end-product, our shows, came out just as we wanted!

For anyone who wasn’t able to see our shows! Here are all the video links so you can watch them again!

Show 1 – Section A – The 66 Experience

Show 2 – Section B – Cross it Off

Show 3 – Section C – Ticket to…Flagstaff 


The show


Airing date: 06-06-2013
Channels: Local 4, and Arizona 104
Live stream for Dutch viewers will be available via :
Duration: 20 minutes per show

Airing times:

– Section A: The 66 Experience
U.S. time: 10 AM
Dutch time: 19:00

– Section B: Cross it off
U.S. time: 1:45 PM
Dutch time: 22:45

Section C: Ticket to Flagstaff
U.S. time: 4:00 PM
Dutch time: 1:00

Production and airing location:
Northern Arizona Univeristy – Flagstaff


Welcome, welcome! Thanks for visiting our page! We are 45 students of NHTV, and we write to this page, from what probably is the most exciting three-week exchange program in the entire world, OH YEAH!

NHTV University of Applied Sciences, is a University located in Breda, a city in the south of the Netherlands. The University offers courses on several fields such as Tourism, Urban Design, International Game & Design and Traffic and Infrastructural Design. The last course they offer is the one we study, International Media & Entertainment Management. As second year students, we were offered this exchange to Flagstaff, United States of America, where we will follow several classes to learn more about certain media and entertainment topics. To narrow this down, we can say that for the upcoming weeks, we are official students at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona.


Northern Arizona University is a great university offering more than 100 diffirent degrees and majors. Students from over 73 countries world wide, without even including all 50 U.S. study at the university. In total,over 20,000 study at the University. It is an open, innovative and ofcourse pro-active learning environment.

What to do here?

Of course, we would like to let you know what’s the purpose of this website, what can you see, read, do and find? Well, actually about eveything about our exchange: The participants, our courses, lectures, what we do, when we do, why we do and what is going on at the NAU! We hope our experiences are interesting to you, and that you would like to watch along with us.

The main goal of this site is to give you guys an insight of our adventures in Flagstaff and the entire United States of America. We post pictures, videos and articles daily, and share stories on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch and stay up to date. Correspondingly, we try to create a community so that we can show our friends and family back in the Netherlands what is going on, and also show the students at NAU how we are getting along. Like our Facebook page, Twitter and of course the NAU Facebook page to join the community.